Air Differential Pressure Transmitters PAT

Flexible & Multi Functional
Air Differential Pressure Transmitter

DIP-switches on PCB to select
Pressure Range, Pressure Unit and Response Time

Pressure ranges

10 pressure ranges in same unit selectable via DIP-switches on pcb.

Full range:
0 to 100 Pa, 0 to 250 Pa, 0 to 500 Pa, 0 to 750 Pa or 0 to 1000 Pa

-50 to +50 Pa , -125 to 125 Pa, -250 to +250 Pa, -375 to +375 Pa or -500 to +500 Pa

Pressure Units

Other pressure units than Pa are available and selectable via DIP switches on pcb mmHH2O, mbar, inWG, mmHG, daPa, Kpa, hPa

Response Times

Response time selectable via DIP switches on pcb
0.5 ,1.0, 2.0 or 4.0 seconds


• High accuracy +/-1%

• Power Supply and Output
16-30 Vdc with 0-10 Vdc (3-wire) for PAT 010D
12-30 Vdc with 4-20 mA (2-wire) for PAT 420D

• LCD digital display
LCD size 50 x 22.5 mm
Digital height, Value 10 mm, Units 5 mm

• Including duct fixing kit
2 plastic tubes with integrated mounting plate,
2 metres PVC hose and 4 screws

• Including mounting bracket

• IP54 protection

• Size 104 x 90 x 44 mm

• Power consumption <1.5W

• Tolerated Overpressure 15 Kpa

• Operating Temperature -10 to +60°C

• Storage Temperature -10 to +70°C

• Pressure connection ribbed dia. 6.2 mm

• Cable gland PG9 for cables dia. 8 mm max.

Mounting and Electrical Measurement


To mount the PAT air differential pressure transmitter,
mount the ABS plate on the wall.

Insert the PAT air differential pressure transmitter on the fixing plate.

Rotate the housing in clockwise direction until you hear a 'click' which
confirms that the PAT air differential pressure transmitter is correctly installed.

Electrical Measurement

Electrical measurement ( + - OUT ) on pcb terminals can be done by removing the grey rubber plug on the back side of the PAT device.

Download datasheet

Air Differential Pressure Transmitter PAT-series.pdf

Download CE declaration of conformity

CE declaration of conformity air differential pressure transmitter PAT-series.pdf

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