Air Health Sensor & Monitor Measures the indoor environment in real time

Room Air Quality (VOC) + Humidity + Temperature sensor QHT 24R

Three noses (sensors) in one unit
Air Quality (VOC) + Humidity (rH) + Temperature (T)

Press release for QHT 24R

More and more people demand clean indoor air today.

The QHT 24R sensor & monitor measures indoor air quality levels in real time.

The QHT 24R sensor & monitor reports and display the most important indoor air parameters: Air Quality-VOC (odors and gases), Humidity (rH) and Temperature (T).

Real-time data of VOC+rH+T are displayed locally in the LCD display to make people aware of the air quality levels.

The LCD display presents information in four different levels for the air quality (VOC): FINE - FAIR - POOR - BAD with specified air quality (VOC) value in ppm.

The LCD display also show humidity in rH and temperature in degrees Celcius.

The information is also accessible via Modbus / Internet for remote reading.

Each parameter of VOC+rH+T have selectable analog output 0-10 Vdc, 4-20 mA or 0-5 Vdc that can be connected to DDC controller and PLC.

The three sensors VOC+rH+T have been combined on a single circuit board mounted in an enclosure for surface mounting and connected to an electronic nose. Each nose (sensor) is tested and manufactured to provide users with the most accurate value.

Great consideration has been taken to provide users with local readings as well as readings from a distance with the additional requirement that the QHT 24R sensor & monitor must be easy to use for end users.

For remote data acquisition, Modbus and the Internet are used.

The three sensors VOC+rH+T uses Modbus for all communication and data transfer. This allows the interface to be connected directly to the customer´s Modbus Network e.g. for building automation.

Each sensor of VOC+rH+T has a unique identity and position within data collection systems. Several QHT 24R can be connected to the topology of a single communication loop.

End users have access to the data through their websites and can see the data for all three parameters VOC+rH+T.

Each sensor of VOC+rH+T can detect an area of approximately 100 m2.

The QHT 24R sensor & monitor provides real-time monitoring and real-time control of the actual indoor climate.

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Intelligent combined sensor for Air Quality (VOC), Humidity (rH) and Temperature (T) with analogue outputs, Modbus and LCD Display, type QHT 24R.pdf

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