Condensation Sensor WCD 2

Condensation Sensor WCD 2

Condensation Sensor WCD 2

The Condensation Sensor WCD 2 discover the risk of "indoor rain" from chilled ceilings and beams.

The Condensation Sensor WCD 2 is a condensation monitor, which monitors and detects the risk of condensation.

Early condensation warnings solving moisture problem and prevent possible presence of "indoor rain".

The Condensation Sensor WCD 2 have a microprocessor based on moisture and temperature system the dew point is calculated in real time.

When the dew point is getting close the Condensation Sensor WCD 2 rapidly emits a flashing light and the relay output switches to turn off or reduce the cooling water supply to the chilled ceiling / beam when:

- if the piping is very cold

- the dew point is reached

- if the air is hot enough when the detector is in operation

The energy efficiency will be better if the cooling temperature is as near the dew point as possible.

The Condensation Sensor WCD 2 has either a dry contact or current output and is mounted in a small enclosure that can be mounted on the cooled surface that needs to be measured.

The Condensation Sensor WCD 2:

- can easily be fixed with the straps onto the coldest place of the chilled ceiling.

- is supplied with two mountable straps.

- can also be screwed onto the cold water supply of the chilled ceiling.

The Condensation Sensor WCD 2 is an easy solution for the prevention of condensation damages to chilled ceilings and beams.

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