Condensation Sensor WCS 24


The condensation sensor WCS 24 is an electronic sensor which is intended to detect condensation or incipient condensation on chilled ceilings.

The condensation sensor type WCS 24S is supplied cable-ties for installation directly on the pipe.

The condensation sensor type WCS 24C with cable and detached sensor head is also supplied with cable-ties for fixing the detached sensor head on the pipe.


  • Prevents “indoor rain“ condensation
  • Enables optimal efficiency for chilled beam applications
  • Early detection of condensation danger
  • Switching output
  • High accuracy and long term stability
  • Compact design
  • Fast response time
  • Easy mounting and connecting
  • LED status indication


  • Chilled ceilings
  • Heating-, ventilation- and air conditioning systems
  • Switching and electronics cabinets
  • In swimming pools or on shop windows around the glazing fogging with optimized use of energy or to keep free of ice
  • In water treatment plants or industrial plants to "sweating" of cold pipeline networks to detect
  • In hangars and storage rooms to prevent condensation on cold outside walls or steel doors and to protect the masonry
  • In control cabinets or machines in order to detect condensation on sensitive electronic components

Download datasheet

Data sheet Condensation Sensor WCS 24.pdf

Download CE declaration of conformity

CE declaration of conformity Condensation Sensor WCS 24.pdf

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