Duct carbon dioxide (CO2) transmitter CDK 24-series

Duct carbon dioxide (CO2) transmitter without display, CDK 24

Duct carbon dioxide (CO2) transmitter with display, CDK 24D

The first line shows the CO2 measured value in ppm.
In the second line, the switching status of the relay is shown on the left as a circuit (full ● = relay energized; empty ○ = relay de-energized) followed by the indicator
(C for CO2 ) and the switch point value is shown on the right.

Automatic calibration of the carbon dioxide measurement – ABC logic (default)

Manual calibration can be carried out regardless of the position of the DIP switch (ABC logic).

The duct carbon dioxide (CO2) transmitter CDK 24-seris provides reliable solutions for energy management through Demand Control of Ventilation (DCV) systems in buildings.

The duct carbon dioxide (CO2) transmitter CDK 24-series is a maintenance-free,
micro- processor-controlled unit designed for duct installation and is used to detect the CO2 content of the air.

The CO2 measuring range for carbon dioxide (CO2) transmitter CDK 24-series is
0-2000 ppm or 0-5000 ppm (jumper selectable) converted to standard signals 0 -10 Vdc or 4-20 mA (jumper selectable).

CDK 24-series duct carbon dioxide (CO2) transmitter supplied including duct mounting flangefor good sealing into the duct and have IP65 enclosure with quick locking screws.

CDK 24 is with out display and CDK 24D is with display.

The CO2 content of the air is measured using an optical NDIR sensor (non-dispersive infra-red technology).

The duct carbon dioxide (CO2) transmitter CDK 24 have automatic calibration of the carbon dioxide measurement – ABC logic (default).

The detection range of the duct CO2 sensor is calibrated for standard applications such as monitoring residential rooms and conference rooms.

Room ventilation on and as-needed basis, improved well-being and customer benefit, increased comfort as well as reduced operating costs through energy conservation are just some of the benefits of employing duct CO2 sensors.

Technical data:

Voltage supply:
24 Vac/dc (+/-10%)

Power consumption:
< 1.5W / 24 Vdc typical
< 2.9 VA / 24 Vac typical
Peak current 200 mA

optical NDIR sensor(non-dispersive infra-red technology)
with automatic calibration

Measuring range:
0-2000 ppm or 0-5000 ppm, jumper selectable

0-10 Vdc or 4-20 mA, jumper selectable

Measuring Accuracy:
± 30 ppm ± 3% of measured at 25°C

Temperature dependence:
± 5 ppm ⁄ °C
± 5% of measured value / °C
(which ever is higher)

Pressure dependence:
±0.13% / mm Hg

Long-term stability:
< 2 % in 15 years

Gas exchange:
by diffusion

Warm up time:
approx. 1 hour

Ambient Temperature:
-10 to +60 °C

Response time:
approx. 1 minute

Electrical connection:
0.14 - 1.5 mm2, via screw terminals

plastic, material polyamide,
30 % glass-globe-reinforced,
with quick-locking screws
(slotted ⁄ Phillips head combination),
colour traffic white (similar to RAL 9016)

72 x 64 x 37.8 mm

Cable gland:
M 16 x 1.5; including strain relief, exchangeable

Protective tube material:
polyamide (PA6), Ø 20 mm,
NL = 202.5 mm, with torsion protection

Process Connection:
via flange made of plastic
(included in scope of delivery)

Protection class:
III (according to EN 60 730)

Protection type:
IP 65 (according to EN 60 529) enclosure only!

CE conformity,
electromagnetic compatibility according to
EN 61 326, EMC Directive 2004 ⁄ 108 ⁄ EC

2 different types

CDK 24:
without display

CDK 24D:
with display

Download datasheet

Duct Carbon Dioxide (CO2) transmitter CDK 24-series.pdf

Download CE declaration of conformity

CE declaration of conformity Carbon Dioxide (CO2) transmitter CDK 24-series.pdf

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