Electro Mechanical Room Thermostats MDH-series

The MDH electro mechanical room thermostats are used both in commercial, industrial and in civil buildings for heating, cooling or air-conditioning control.

When the bottom switch is at the position ON,
the thermostat is running.

Left switch is for a shift of Cooling/Heating.
In winter, it should be at Heat position and
in summer at Cool position.

Right switch is a switch for speed selection.

  • Fan speed switch
  • 3 speed (HIGH-MED-LOW)

  • HEAT-COOL system control
  • MDH 512N for 2-pipe system
    MDH 514N for 4-pipe system

  • ON/OFF switch
  • pushing “OFF” shuts off power program

  • Setpoint knob +10 to +30°C
  • Gas capsule sensing element
  • Dimensions 131 x 85 x 41 mm

Download datasheet

Electro Mechanical Room Thermostats MDH-series.pdf

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