Methane (CH4) Gas Detector GCH4

Methane (CH4) gas detector are used in applications such as Boiler room, Heating room, Kitchen in Hotels or Apartments, Laboratories and Tunnels

Methane (CH4) Gas Detector GCH4 for wall mounting

• Output 4-20 mA or 2-10 Vdc

• Power supply 24 Vdc

• Measuring range 0-100% LEL

• Sensor element Pellistor (catalythic bead sensor)

• IP65 enclosure with quick locking screws

• Digital measurement value processing including temperature compensation

• Internal function control with integrated hardware watchdog

• Data / measured values in micro controller of sensor unit,
therefore simple exchange uncalibrated <> calibrated

• High accuracy, selectivity and reliability

• Low zero point drift

• Hardware & software according to SIL2 compliant development process

• Easy maintenance and calibration by exchange of the sensor unit
or by comfortable on-site calibration

Methane (CH4) gas sensor with PCB

Normal life time is 36 months for Oxygen (O2) gas sensor.

The Methane (CH4) gas sensor with PCB
can easily be exchanged after 36 months.

Special filter for IP65 protection of Oxygen (O2) gas sensor

Duct Mounting Set DMS 300G
for sensing Methane (CH4) gas in ventilation duct

The Duct Mounting Set DMS 300G includes:

• 300 mm long duct probe with neoprane gasket on the duct flange
for good sealing into the duct.

• 2 x 1 meter silicone hose.

• Plug-connector to the Methane (CH4) gas sensor head.

Duct Mounting Set DMS 300G assemblied with
Methane (CH4) Gas Detector GCH4 100

Design Features

Exchangeable Methane (CH4) gas sensor unit GCH4 100 including digital value processing, temperature compensation and self control for the continuous monitoring of the ambient air.

Methane (CH4) gas sensor unit GCH4 100 houses a module with a micro controller, analog output and power supply in addition to the electrochemical sensor element including amplifier.

The micro controller calculates a linear 4-20 mA or 2-10 Vdc signal out of the measurement signal and also stores all relevant measured values and data of the sensor element.

Calibration is done either by simply replacing the sensor unit or by using the comfortable, integrated calibration routine directly at the system.

Installation guidelines

Mounting height Methane (CH4) Gas Detector:

Methane (CH4) gas is lighter than air, mounting height for Methane (CH4) gas detector is 0.2 meter below ceiling.

Coverage Methane (CH4) Gas Detector:

Sensor coverage for Methane (CH4) gas detector is 100 m2 (recommended).

Download datasheet

Technical data sheet Methane (CH4) Gas Detector GCH4 100.pdf

Download CE declaration of conformity

CE declaration of conformity Methane (CH4) Gas Detector GCH4 100.pdf

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