Light Level Transmitters for Outdoor Mounting LLO-series


Light level transmitters is only on if an area is occupied and the ambient light level is too low for normal use.

Light level transmitters not only conserve energy but in doing so pay for themselves within 1 to 5 years (on average only 2).

Reductions of up to 70% of lighting costs can be achieved by using our products compared to ordinary light switches.

In new buildings it is actually cost effective to use automatic controls instead of fitting switches.

Conservation which saves money and makes sense.

Light and climate as and when required Energy-saving reliability - round-the-clock

The light level transmitters contribute to minimising energy costs for lighting, shading, heating, and cooling.

Fields of application for Light Level Transmitters

• Heating, ventilation and air conditioning, lighting technology

• Shadowing and sunshade

• Access control, safety zones and security areas

• Production facilities and offices in line with occupational health
and safety ordinance

• Greenhouses, parking lots, corridors, and courtyards


  • 6 selectable ranges via DIP switches:
    0 to 500 Lux
    0 to 1 kLux
    0 to 2 kLux
    0 to 5 kLux
    0 to 20 kLux
    0 to 60 kLux
  • Outputs
    0-10 Vdc for LLO 010
    4-20 mA for LLO 420
  • Accuracy < +/- 5% of final value
  • Active control of artificial lighting
  • Maximum energy efficiency
  • Optimise light levels

Download datasheet

Outdoor Light Level Transmitters LLO-series.pdf

Download CE declaration of conformity

CE declaration of conformity outdoor light level transmitters LLO-series.pdf

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