Outdoor Temperature Sensors TON

Outdoor temperature sensor TON


The design for temperature sensor TON is to measure outdoor air temperature.

The outdoor temperature sensor TON is designed for use in residential, commercial building automation controls, energy management and HVAC applications.

Fully potted metal housing protects sensing element and fast response, precision sensing element, accurate temperature sensing and cost efficient design.

The probe is filled with thermal grease for quick response.

The fully potted metal housing is enclosed in a plastic housing (PVC solar shield).

The IP rating for outdoor temperature sensor TON is IP 65.

The PVC sun-shield equipped on the outdoor temperature sensor TON prevents false readings from direct sunlight.

Mounting of the outdoor temperature sensor TON is quick and easy using two screws and no electrical box.

The cable of the outdoor temperature sensor TON is two meters long which allows terminating inside the building in an electrical enclosure or with flying leads.

The cable can exit directly behind the probe and into the building through a hole, or it can exit vertically and run down the wall.


• Sensing elements
- Platinum PT1000
- Thermistor NTC 10K
- Other sensing elements on request

• IP65 protection

• 2 meters Cable

• Accuracy
- PT1000: +/- 0.4°C
- NTC 10K: +/-0.2°C

• Operating temperature range
- PT1000 and NTC 10K: -40°C to +125°C

• Simple 2-wire connection

• Economical way to measure temperature

Standard types

• TON PT1000 2M
Outdoor temperature sensor,
PT1000, 2 meters cable

• TON NTC 10K 2M
Outdoor temperature sensor,
NTC 10K, 2 meters cable

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Outdoor Temperature Sensors TON.pdf

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