Room Humidity & Temperature Transmitters HRTT-series

Room Humidity and temperature transmitters stainless HRTT width=

Room Humidity and temperature transmitters stainless steel enclosure HRTT

The room humidity and temperature transmitter HRTT measures the relative humidity and temperature of air.

The room humidity and temperature transmitter HRTT converts the measurands humidity and temperature into standard signals of 0-10 Vdc or 4-20 mA and is optional available with or without display.

Display show actual humidity and actual temperature.

The elegant enclosure is made of plastic, with snap-on lid, base with 4-hole attachment for installation on vertically or horizontally installed in-wall flush boxes, with predetermined breaking point for on-wall cable entry.

The enclosures of the room humidity and temperature transmitter HRTT can also be supplied stainless steel, top and bottom part are of stainless steel, the lid is screwed on, vandalism-secure version e.g. for schools, military barracks, and public buildings.

Relative humidity (in % r.H.) is the quotient of water vapour partial pressure divided by the saturation vapour pressure at the respective gas temperature.

The room humidity and temperature transmitter HRTT are applied in non-aggressive dust-free ambiences in refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and clean room technology, in interior rooms such as residential rooms, offices, hotels, technical rooms, meeting rooms and convention centres.

These measuring transducers are designed for exact detection of air temperature and humidity.

A digital long-term stable sensor is used as measuring element for humidity and temperature measurement.

  • Outputs
  • - Humidity and temperature
    HRTT 010 with 2 x 0-10 Vdc outputs
    HRTT 420 with 2 x 4-20 mA outputs

    - On request extra passive (direct) temperature output PT100, PT1000, Nickel, NTC 10K, NTC 1.8K, NTC 20K etc.

  • Accuracy
  • - Humidity +/- 3% (20 to 80% r.H.), @ +20°C, otherwise+/- 5% - Temperature +/- 0.8K @ +20°C

  • With or without LCD display (ABS plastic enclosure)
  • Staineless steel enclosure, vandalism secure version for schools, military barracks and public buildings

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