Room Temperature Sensors TRN

Room temperature sensor TRN


The room temperature sensor TRN is a wall-mounted (space-mounted) sensor in a low-profile enclosure.

The room temperature sensor TRN provide precision room temperature sensing for Energy Management Control Systems, compatible with most control systems.

The room temperature sensor TRN is a direct output temperature sensor thermistor sensing element NTC 10K or platina sensing element PT1000.

The thermistor sensing element NTC 10K accuracy is +/-0.2°C and is made of very stable, pre-aged material that offers reliability needed in control systems.

The platina sensing element PT1000 accuracy is +/-0.5°C and is compatible with most HVAC systems.


• Sensing elements
- Platinum PT1000
- Thermistor NTC 10K
- Other sensing elements on request

• IP30 protection

• Accuracy
- PT1000: +/- 0.4°C
- NTC 10K: +/-0.2°C

• Operating temperature range
- PT1000 and NTC 10K: -40°C to +125°C

• Simple 2-wire connection

• Economical way to measure temperature

Standard types

• TRN PT1000
Room temperature sensor,

Room temperature sensor,

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