Room Thermostat, 3-speed with LCD Display ETL 9-series

Room Thermostat, 3-speed with LCD display ETL 9-series

ETL 9-series thermostats are used to control room temperature in commercial, industrial and residential environment via controlling fan coil units and motorized valve, motorized fan and valve of heating only, cooling only and heating/cooling central air-condition and system thereof, and uses NTC to detect the room temperature and compares it with the set-point so as to automatically keep the room temperature stable.

ETL 9-series thermostats have fan speed switch - 3 speed (HIGH-MED-LOW.

The setting point range for ETL 9-series thermostats is +5 to +35°C

  • LCD display with blue backlight
  • Power supply 220 Vac
  • NTC thermistor sensing element
  • 4 different models:
  • - ETL 9A: 2-line Motorized Valve and Fan Coil Unit
    - ETL 9B: On/Off Motorized Damper Valve
    - ETL 9C: 3-line Motorized Valve, Fan Coil Unit
    - ETL 9E: For 4-pipe system (2 Motorized Valves + Fan Coil Unit)

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Room Thermostat 3-speed with LCD display ETL 9-series.pdf

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