Weather Sensor Shields WSS-series

Weather Sensor Shield WSS-series

These weather sensor shields WSS-series are produced using modern injection moulding techniques with stabilised plastic.

Weather sensor shields WSS-series designed for the easy mounting of probes and sensors, they are fitted with a silicon seal to eliminate water-trap possibilities.

The designs of weather sensor shields WSS-series are of a multi-plate construction; the plate profiles are shaped to allow the minimum restriction of airflow while providing the necessary shielding from solar radiation and precipitation.

The sensor is mounted through the lower plates and secured by the gland clamp.

The top plates provide extra protection against temperature rise from direct solar.

The weather sensor shields are supplied complete with mounting bracket and clamps and will fit to vertical or horizontal masts up to 2" in diameter.

At present five sizes of weather sensor shields WSS-series are offered.

The weather sensor shields WSS-series are supplied with bracket and 2 clamps for mast mounting, remove the 2 clamps when wall mounting is required.

  • Maximum protection from solar radiation and precipitation
  • To be assemblied on wall or on mast
  • Minimum airflow restriction
  • Naturally aspirated
  • Simple mounting

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